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Act! Emarketing

Act! emarketing enables you to create, send, and track professional, eye-catching campaigns that reach customers and prospects with the right message at the right time. Then the intelligent, prioritised Call Lists¹ automatically recommends hot leads to follow-up to generate sales.

Act! emarketing…a simple and cost-effective way to grow your business by taking the guesswork out of marketing and follow-up.


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Integrated Email Marketing
  • One-click access to segmenting lists and groups
  • Easy-to-analyse graphs and detailed reports – including opens, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, and more
  • Comprehensive contact history records
Intelligent Call Lists
  • Intelligently prioritised lists of contacts to follow up with first
  • Customisable for dynamic, up-to-date interaction information at any time
Sleek Template Editor
  • Dynamic online editing tool
  • 100+ customisable templates including mobile-friendly versions
  • Host and Share images and documents
  • Personalisation options like dynamic data integration
Act! Lead Capture

Easily create simple web forms to capture leads from web pages, newsletters, emails and more.

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